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* Annuaire des Médecins Rendez-vous pour Patients : 19/10/16 - Image : ( *RDV.Sante-DZ.Org* est une plateforme de réservation de rendez-vous médicaux en ligne , ...
* Jeune chirurgien dentiste - Alger : 19/10/16 - Salam, Je cherche un jeune dentiste à Alger (même nouvellement ou récemment diplômé) pour gérer un cabinet dentaire. Je suis un dentiste Algérien résidant à Paris et je compte ouvrir un cabinet...

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: Forum.Org Complementaire Formation Sante Congres medecine biologie
Actualité scientifique mondiale

* les congrés qui auront lieu 29 octobre 2016 2016-10-29 : 25/10/16 - les congrès qui auront lieu 29 octobre 2016 2016-10-29 2016-10-29
* 4 ème congrès de l?ATOC ( association tunisienne des ophtalmologistes du centre) : 25/10/16 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2017-01-27 : Spécialité: Acupuncture

Notre congrès est de dimension internationale et il est a sa 4 ème édition avec un concept original:
- des sessions scientifiques multiples interactives avec FMC a la carte,
-CHIRURGIE EN DIRECT avec participation d'imminents chirurgiens tunisiens et étrangers(  algeriens, marocains, francais et égyptiens),
- Symposiums et conférences magistrales,
- VIDEO CRASH : complications dans la chirurgie du SA et SP,
-des WET LAB et des ateliers théoriques
- ATOC et grand publique
- Participaation ...

* Ultrasound-guided Orthopaedic Injection Techniques & Therapies ? A 2-Day Practical Course : 25/10/16 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2016-11-18 : Spécialité: AcupunctureUltrasonography has become a crucially important diagnostic imaging modality in Equine Orthopaedics and most Equine Practitioners nowadays have...
* Advanced Avian Medicine & Avian/Exotic Animal Orthopaedic Surgery ? A 2-Day Practical Course : 25/10/16 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2016-10-29 : Spécialité: Acupuncture

Speaker/Instructor:Neil Forbes - BVetMed, Dip ECZM(avian), FRCVS; RCVS and European Specialist in Avian Medicine

Interest in avian and exotic animal medicine and surgery has evolved over the past decade and it is now one of the fastest growing areas in veterinary medicine. This course has been designed for veterinarians in practice, working with avian cases, wishing to gain a higher level of expertise in their approach to sick and injured avian and exotic patients, anaesthetic safety, and making a correct differential diagnosis. The theory is complimented by an extensive 3&frac1...

* Abdominal, Thoracic & Soft Tissue Ultrasound ? A 1-Day Practical Course : 25/10/16 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2016-10-28 : Spécialité: AcupunctureThis 1-day practical course is suitable for veterinarians from mixed and equine practice who are keen to develop and update their knowledge and...
* GMP for Quality Control and Contract Laboratories 2017 : 25/10/16 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2017-01-23 : Spécialité: Acupuncture

Quality control and related contract laboratories are considered at high risk because after testing and approval, drug products and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are released to the market without further check. That's the reason why the FDA and other agencies put highest emphasis on inspections of QC laboratories. Even though cGMP regulations have been in place since long time, the large number of QC related 483's and warning letters demonstrate that companies have problems with implementation.
This two day interactive in-person seminar will provide ...

* 14ème Journée de Réanimation et urgences Respiratoires : 25/10/16 - Congres médical/Evénement qui aura lieu le : 2017-04-06 : Spécialité: Anesthésie / Réanimation

Il est essentiel de renseigner cette description qui est votre espace personnel de promotion pour cet événement ainsi que pour son référencement....

* Charting Recent Progress and Challenges in Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer: Is There an Optimal Treatment Sequence? : 25/10/16 - Publication date: October 2016
Source:European Urology Focus, Volume 2, Issue 4
Author(s): Stéphane Oudard, Pablo Maroto, Gaston Demonty, Winald R. Gerritsen
ContextRecent developments in the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) have led to uncertainty about the optimal sequence of agents.ObjectiveTo review and assess treatment options and sequence in patients with mCRPC.Evidence acquisitionTo identify data on the optimal use of approved treatments, we searched PubMed for studies on the use of recently approved agents for men with mCRPC published before March 2015. Phase 3 and other key studies were included in the review of efficacy and safety. In this review, we offer our critical interpretation of potential treatment sequences for drug use in the light of our clinical experience.Evidence synthesisSince 2004, the treatment landscape for mCRPC has changed dramatically following the approval of docetaxel, abiraterone acetate, enzalutamide, cabazitaxel, denosumab, and radium-223 chloride. To date, only small-scale studies have been undertaken that provide evidence on the sequencing of these treatments. Ideally, randomised, prospective studies would evaluate different sequence options thoroughly so that physicians could make evidence-based decisions, but the number of new agents makes this impractical. When deciding which treatment to prescribe, physicians will need to use the available evidence combined with their own clinical judgement. The potential for cross-resistance between taxanes and hormonal therapies and the possibility that patients might not be suitable for aggressive therapies in later lines should be taken into account. Prevention of complications associated with bone metastases should also be a key consideration because of the major impact these events have on quality of life and healthcare costs.ConclusionsThe recent approval of numerous new agents has resulted in considerable improvements in outcomes for patients with mCRPC. Further studies determining the optimal treatment algorithm, in addition to open discussion of best practice among physicians, are required to ensure patients obtain the maximum possible benefit from their treatment.Patient summaryIn recent years a large number of new treatment options have been approved for use in men with prostate cancer. In the absence of clinical trials assessing the use of one option versus another in specific patient groups, it is important to review the currently published evidence to try to understand patients receive the best treatment options in the correct order.
Although some small-scale studies have been undertaken, the optimal sequence of treatments for of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer is still evolving. Sharing best practice and conducting relevant studies may help treatment paradigms to evolve appropriately; ensuring patients obtain the maximum possible benefit from treatment.

* Displasia fibrosa. Revisión clínica y abordaje terapéutico : 25/10/16 - Publication date: Available online 17 October 2016
Source:Medicina Clínica
Author(s): Helena Florez, Pilar Peris, Núria Guañabens
La displasia fibrosa es un trastorno esquelético que dependiendo de la edad, la localización, la extensión y los procesos asociados puede presentarse con un amplio espectro de manifestaciones clínicas, desde formas localizadas asintomáticas a formas extensas graves con deformidades óseas importantes o incluso alteraciones endocrinológicas. Si bien el tratamiento de elección lo constituyen los bisfosfonato, la eficacia en el control de la actividad de la enfermedad continúa siendo incierta. En este artículo se revisan los datos sobre el tratamiento de esta entidad, así como los resultados preliminares de nuevas dianas terapéuticas.Fibrous dysplasia is a skeletal disorder that is associated with a wide spectrum of clinical manifestations, including localized asymptomatic forms and extensive severe forms with severe bone deformities and endocrinological alterations, depending on age, location, extent and associated processes. Although the treatment of choice is based on bisphosphonates, the therapeutic efficacy of these agents in the control of disease activity remains uncertain. This article reviews the current data available on the treatment of this disease as well as the preliminary data on new therapeutic approaches.

* arthritis; +1178 new citations : 25/10/16 - 1178 new pubmed citations were retrieved for your search. Click on the search hyperlink below to display the complete search results: arthritis These pubmed results were generated on 2016/10/25PubMed comprises more than 24 million citations for biome...

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